Wall Street Journal Best Seller:
Profit with Presence: The 12 Pillars of Mindful 

with Dr Eric j. Holsapple

How do you find peace, happiness, meaning, and fulfillment while staying productive and making a difference?


Our attention spans are at an all time low when we need to focus. A confluence of factors is driving a higher level of risk, stress, and divisiveness. While the internet offers accessibility to the world, it's part of the mindlessness problem because it steals our attention and can promote division between people and nations through the amazingly effective tools of social media. 

We are simultaneously on information overload and at an analytical low point. 

It's time to take back our focus and make a real difference for ourselves, our families, our businesses, our communities, and the world.  



The book provides practical tools and strategies to help professionals become more mindful and Present in their business and personal life allowing true success and happiness. It offers guidance on how to create a mindful culture in the workplace, how to use mindfulness to make better decisions, and how to cultivate a sense of presence and connection with others. It also provides insight into how to use mindfulness to increase productivity and happiness, and how to use it to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Amazon Book Review: 

"With 4 little kids and a full time job, I used to find myself running a little frantic. Feeling like I was successful if stressed and efficiently multitasking. In reality, I felt a little suffocated by my day. Now I feel powerful, confident and in control. Calm, patient, and happy."



This series is for professionals, business owners, executives, and anyone looking to bring mindfulness into their everyday life!

Mindfulness is a practice of being present and aware of your thoughts, feelings, and environment. It can help you become more focused and productive, reduce stress, and improve your overall wellbeing.  

Join the author, Dr Eric J. Holsapple,  and his team of experienced facilitators in a six-week exploratory webinar series on Wall Street Journal Best Seller: Profit with Presence.

Discover how to:

  • Train your mind to efficiently obtain your goals and objectives
  • Cultivate a sense of happiness and contentment NOW, which can lead to improved performance and greater success 
  • Be better able to recognize and respond to opportunities, create more returns, and reduce stress
  • Develop a deeper sense of connection with your professional team as well as your family
  • Experience more abundance while making a bigger impact on humanity



  •  Six live one-hour zoom sessions with best-selling author, Dr. Eric Holsapple, and his facilitators -- includes opportunities for Q&A's
  • Explore Eric's book Profit with Presence: The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership, including the research and theory behind it
  • Examine the 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership while implementing powerful practices along the way
  • Expect to read 7-10 pages per day (hardcover, audio and e-reader available on Amazonand other retailers)
  • Discover practical tools to create positive habits that foster happiness and success now
  • Option to establish a daily routine of 10-30 minutes reducing stress and increasing happiness and performance

NOTE: Profit with Presence: The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership is not included. You can purchase the book on Amazon here. 



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Dr. Eric Holsapple


Dr. Eric J. Holsapple, author and business leader, has realized the value of mindfulness as not only a path to personal success, but as a sound business strategy.

Mindfulness can increase company productivity, reduce healthcare costs, and give businesses a competitive edge. It also creates an opportunity for far-reaching influence and impact. When shared within an organization, mindfulness produces a ripple effect that can not only transform company culture but also expand the happiness and well-being of its employees, their families and communities, and essentially the world.

In addition to providing leadership at Living in the Gap, Eric has been a successful developer, entrepreneur, CEO, university lecturer, yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, and philanthropist. He holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in economics.

Read Eric's full bio

Ryan Holsapple


Ryan has achieved a master's degree in Depth Psychology with a specialization in Jungian and Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute where he is currently a Ph.D. student continuing his study.

Ryan is certified in Self Soul Spirit and Gestalt facilitation through life-long psychologist Dr. Roger Strachan and is a certified Nature-Connected Coach (NCC) and alumnus of the Earth-Based Institute (EBI). He is also an alumnus of InnerPathWorks, having trained with Randy Russell. Ryan has additional training from the Tracker School under the guidance of Tom Brown, Jr.

Ryan is passionate about guiding and supporting others to access and unlock their own innate wisdom and empowerment through mentoring, facilitating, and teaching.

Amanda Pombar


Amanda has worked as a peer mentor for those living with mental health challenges, co-owned and operated a boutique gym, and worked as a life skills coordinator for moms and children from domestic violent homes. She is a certified Self Soul Spirit Facilitator by the Center of Creative Choice and a Nature-Connected guide through the Earth Based Institute located in Boulder, Colorado. 

Amanda enjoys being outside and has found it to be a way of working with people through transitions: divorce, becoming a new parent, dating, adulting, death and grief, and others. She facilitates awareness in her clients so they can live a Soul-directed life. 

Always choosing experiences to grow and learn led her to Living in the Gap and being certified as a mindful leader. She is a facilitator for the program and supports participants as they practice mindfulness, create a vision for their life, and take steps towards Soul-directed living.




The live webinar sessions dates are TBD. 

Each session will include Q&A with the author. 

All sessions will be recorded for your convenience.



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