21 Day Introduction to Mindfulness Experience »

Begin your personal mindfulness journey  with Dr. Eric Holsapple.

A 10-minute mini-course is released each morning for 21 days as Eric gently guides you in a variety of mindfulness practices proven to reduce stress, boost creativity and innovation, and improve focus. You can watch anytime during the day that works for you. 

Create a better future NOW with mindfulness.

Mindfulness is an opportunity to go within, be in your body and to be Present. Even a short mindfulness practice can have lasting effects throughout the day:

• Increase the ability to focus 

• Reduce stress 

• Calm an overthinking mind 

• Boost creativity and innovation 

• Improve relationships and communication skills 

• Lower emotional reactivity

Learn a variety of mindfulness practices from expert, Dr. Eric Holsapple. Explore ways to place conscious awareness in the body allowing you freedom from incessant thoughts. This is where we can experience  peace, calm, and joy.

After you sign up, you will have access to a member-only account. Day 1 of the series will be released the  day after you register at 5am MST. A new video will be released each morning throughout the 21 days. You will be notified via email that the new video is available.