by Dr. Eric Holsapple
Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author
Profit with Presence: The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership 

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Eric is an accomplished CEO and a passionate advocate for executive presence. With a deep understanding of business, economics, and human potential, Eric offers keynote speaking engagements that inspire and guide professionals and executives toward transformative change. His unwavering commitment to living a life of presence and authenticity has made him a catalyst for positive shifts in the business world and beyond.


Eric offers tailored 60-90 minute keynotes that align with your company goals. Half day and full day workshops are also available.


Example Keynote Headline:

Profit with Presence: Business Dynamics and Peak Performance in Turbulent Times.

Using his experience, real life anecdotes and engaging exercises, Eric's audiences will discover:

  • Deep Listening
  • The Power of Relationships
  • Power of Purpose, Visioning, and Goals
  • The Relationship of Happiness and Success
  • The Power of Gratitude and Service
  • Simple, Private Practices to Support Executive Presence

Eric challenges the common misconception that mindfulness and profit are incompatible, showcasing how they can work synergistically to drive success and positive impact on the bottom line. Executive presence allows leaders to cultivate emotional intelligence, resilience, and self-awareness allowing them to make decisions aligned with their values and vision while fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation within organizations. Using real world examples and success stories of organizations that have embraced mindful leadership and experienced positive transformations in their culture, employee well being, and the bottom line.

Through his keynote speeches, Eric empowers professionals to embrace executive presence as a catalyst for personal and professional growth fostering peak performance. 

References are available upon request. 

Keynote Sample May 2023
Dr. Eric Holsapple



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