12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership

When business leaders learn and apply the Living in the Gap 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership, they achieve higher levels of performance without the usual stress. Teams thrive and employees become more engaged in creating a giving-back culture where everyone benefits. 


Be Present and Practice Mindfulness – Be mindful and aware of your actions and surroundings to eliminate stress.


Identify Your Purpose in Life – Know your purpose to dramatically improve your motivation and presence to allow your business to thrive.


Create Clarity, Vision, Intention, Commitment, and Habits – Discover and maintain the keys to your personal success and happiness.


Success is a Mindset of Be Do Have – Take on a state of being, such as being happy, without having to wait for something else to happen.


Show Up, Take Action, and Detach from Results – Be present in your actions, not focused on the desired result.


Be Responsible, Practice Non-Judgment and Compassion – Take the actions you are capable of taking while listening to and connecting with others.


Foster Relationships with Your Word and Listening – Give and keep your word while truly listening to others.


Be in Flow, Create Affluence and Influence – Maintain a positive inner experience to generate abundance in your life, which can create a positive effect on those around you.


Be Grateful, Give Generously, and Serve – Discover abundance comes to those who give.


Acceptance Means to Stop Resisting and Complaining – See things as they actually are to open yourself to the possibility of real change.


Take Everything Impersonally and Let Life Flow Through You – Learn to change what you can change and accept what you can’t without taking things personally.


Beginner’s Mind Means to Know Nothing Absolutely and Be Curious – Discover how a state of unknowing leaves you open to explore possibilities and expand awareness.

Dive deeper into the 12 Pillars in this video presentation by Dr. Eric Holsapple.



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