See What Professionals Have to Say about Living in the Gap and Our Programs

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“The [Corporate Mindfulness] program taught our company some initial skills and guidelines for living a more mindful, present, intentional life. This included practicing yoga, meditation, book discussions, and building a morning routine as a foundation for our mindful practice. In just eight weeks, we saw immense benefits in stress relief, productivity, focus, and the overall happiness across the company. It has brought us all closer personally. And improved the culture across the organization.”

– Nate Melchior, Principal, Dunton Commercial

“Not only did this [Corporate Mindfulness] program open our eyes to the benefits of living in a more intentional way, it brought our extended team together in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined. The ripple effect throughout our organization was tremendous. I am confident the dividends of the program will be lifelong.”

– Brian Shorter, Managing Partner, Sullivan Hayes Corporation

“Living in the Gap provides a framework for ongoing accountability and repetition which ultimately makes growth, development, and improvement of your life a habit. The program has helped me to grow in all facets of my life.”

– Devin Ferry, Partner, FR Corp

“This [Mindful Leadership] program held my feet to the fire to truly be the man I want to be. I now feel confident that I can not only achieve whatever I put my mind to, but that I have the tools to be fully aligned every day.”

– David Raffelock, Founder, Profound Purpose



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