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The Power of Showing Up: Being Present for Success

Jan 08, 2024


Have you ever noticed the stark contrast between individuals who consistently show up, ready to engage, and those who need constant reminders or appear physically present but mentally absent? It's a significant aspect that distinguishes truly successful individuals from the rest. Most accomplished individuals don't just show up physically; they arrive with full presence, fully aware of their actions in the moment, rather than fixating solely on the end result.

The Essence of Presence

I firmly believe that our existence serves as a vessel for mindful action and presence. Engaging in actions with mindful presence not only shapes our actions but also sets the trajectory of our lives. Being present enables us to fine-tune our focus and empowers us to deliver on the details. Importantly, detachment from immediate outcomes is what enables us to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment.

The Act of Showing Up

Showing up isn't solely a matter of external motivation; it encompasses purpose, prioritization, and presence. Motivation acts as the driving force behind our actions, influencing whether we initiate, sustain, or cease specific behaviors at any given time. And at the core of motivation lies purpose—a fundamental element that determines our willingness to engage.

In my experience, aligning inner purpose with outer purpose is the linchpin of motivation. When these purposes are in sync, motivation ceases to be a hurdle. Exploring and aligning these purposes, as discussed in Pillar 2 of Profit With Presence, can illuminate the path to unwavering motivation.

The Power of Morning Rituals

Crafting a morning routine forms the bedrock of showing up with full presence. Starting your day with intentional practices like reading from an inspirational book, meditation, mindful stretching, expressing gratitude, affirmations, and visualizing your goals cultivates a flow state, ensuring you're prepared to embrace the day ahead. These rituals lay the groundwork for you to show up fully, ready to tackle challenges and opportunities.

Embracing the Flow

Engaging with life in a state of mindful presence and detachment from immediate outcomes allows us to immerse ourselves in the journey rather than fixating on the destination. It's about being fully present in every action, nurturing a mindset that values the process as much as the outcome.

Being Present for Success

In conclusion, the power of showing up and being present transcends mere physical presence. It's about aligning purpose, cultivating motivation, and engaging in intentional practices that prime us to approach each moment with mindfulness and readiness. By embracing morning rituals and detaching from immediate results, we pave the way for a more present and fulfilled life—one where we're fully engaged and ready to make the most of every opportunity.

Start your day with purpose, show up with full presence, and embrace the journey. That's the recipe for success beyond measure.

I wrote a book, Profit with Presence: The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership, which goes in to further detail about this topic and more.

Although the world is currently abuzz with the term “mindfulness,” some believe mindfulness is a fringe activity to be practiced before or after the workday, if at all. Too few business professionals take the time needed to be present and aware throughout the workday, which is counterproductive. Mindfulness is not only a path to personal success, but a sound business strategy.  

My hope is to positively impact the world through infusing more mindfulness into business -- and it starts with each of us individually. Together, we can create a future where mindfulness is deeply embedded in our work culture, leading to greater well-being, productivity, and meaningful success for all.

- Dr Eric Holsapple


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