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The Transformative Power of Presence: Embodying Success, Happiness, Security, and Contentment in the Now

Dec 04, 2023

In the quest for success, happiness, security, and contentment, we often find ourselves navigating a labyrinth of expectations, beliefs, and aspirations. Society often conditions us to chase these ideals as future destinations to be reached through relentless pursuit and accumulation. However, the truth that resonates profoundly is that these cherished states aren't distant endpoints; rather, they are facets of our existence that can be embodied in the present moment.

Presence, a state of being acutely aware and engaged in the current moment, is the linchpin that holds the key to unlocking these cherished states. Yet, for most of us, the habit of not being present has become ingrained over years of conditioning and distractions. We've worked tirelessly, accumulating possessions and achievements, only to realize that true fulfillment eludes us because we are constantly yearning for something in the future.

Mindfulness emerges as a practice that cultivates the habit of presence. It is a deliberate and consistent effort to break free from the clutches of distraction, bringing our awareness to the here and now. Through mindfulness, we begin to unravel the habitual patterns that keep us bound to a state of perpetual dissatisfaction and longing for future accomplishments.

However, committing to mindfulness alone isn't sufficient. It's the first step in a journey that requires unlearning the ingrained habit of not being present. Waiting to be successful, happy, secure, or content inherently implies that we are lacking those qualities in the present moment. These beliefs, often subtle and ingrained, act as blind spots obstructing our path to true fulfillment.

By shining the light of presence and logic onto these beliefs, we realize that success is not solely about external achievements but encompasses the accomplishment of being present in each moment. Happiness isn't a destination but a state of mind that can be fostered by embracing the present. Security and contentment, rather than distant aspirations, become qualities to be experienced in the now.

It might feel like a trick, a subtle manipulation of our perceptions, but adopting an inner purpose of presence redefines success as the ability to live fully in the present moment. It reshapes our understanding, allowing us to embody success, happiness, security, and contentment at this very instant.

This realization doesn't negate our desires for a comfortable life or a prosperous future. Instead, it liberates us from the notion that we must wait for these states to experience fulfillment. Research in visual-motor rehearsal or visualization underscores the potential to generate feelings and even mimic the outcomes of physical tasks, emphasizing that the power of manifestation lies within us, even in the present.

In essence, success, happiness, security, and contentment aren't destinations to be reached; they are states to be embodied in the here and now. By cultivating the habit of presence through mindfulness, we unearth the keys to a fulfilled existence—one that doesn't hinge on future achievements but thrives in the richness of the present moment.

I wrote a book, Profit with Presence: The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership, which goes in to further detail about this topic and more.

Although the world is currently abuzz with the term “mindfulness,” some believe mindfulness is a fringe activity to be practiced before or after the workday, if at all. Too few business professionals take the time needed to be present and aware throughout the workday, which is counterproductive. Mindfulness is not only a path to personal success, but a sound business strategy.  

My hope is to positively impact the world through infusing more mindfulness into business -- and it starts with each of us individually. Together, we can create a future where mindfulness is deeply embedded in our work culture, leading to greater well-being, productivity, and meaningful success for all.

- Dr Eric Holsapple


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