Episode 5: Relationships & Influence

Eric Holsapple is joined by Kristen Manieri in Episode 5 of this thought-provoking 6-part miniseries that dives into the philosophy of Eric's book, Profit with Presence, and how business and mindfulness intersect. • Explore the value of relationships • What is deep listening and how do we do it? • Why is mastering relationships the key to life and business? • How does flow impact our lives For episode homepage, resources and links, visit: https://www.livinginthegap.org Mentioned in this Episode Living in the Gap Mindful Leadership Program: https://www.livinginthegap.org/mindfu... Profit with Presence: The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership Book: https://www.amazon.com/Profit-Presenc... 1 Learn more about Eric: https://www.livinginthegap.org/about-... Web: https://www.livinginthegap.org Email: [email protected]