Release Date 3/7/23

Profit with Presence: The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership

By Dr. Eric Holsapple

Make a difference, make a profit, and live a life of purpose.
Join the mindful business movement and find true success!

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Join the Mindful Business Revolution and Find True Success



About the Book


Do you feel you’ve achieved success but are still stressed and unhappy?

Mindfulness and Presence can help improve focus and communication within your business culture while reducing distractions and stress. Author Dr. Eric Holsapple, successful developer and entrepreneur, has realized the value of mindfulness as a path to personal success as well as a sound business strategy. In Profit with Presence, he shares lessons he has learned and his twelve pillars for personal and business success, which are easy to understand and implement through practice exercises.

Through this book, you’ll discover:

    • How to apply mindfulness personally, professionally, and in your family life
    • The importance of Presence and forming mindful daily habits
    • The hidden mental blocks slowing your success and how to uncover them
    • How to create a personal vision and plan to intentionally shape your future
    • How integrating mindfulness into business can increase your bottom line and improve corporate culture

Holsapple shows that bringing mindfulness to the workplace is an investment that pays out real dividends. You will learn from his journey – along with support from other mindful leaders and research – to help bring mindfulness to yourself as well as your family, business, and community.

Now is the time to invest in the mindful business movement and become part of the solution.

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The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership

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About the Author


Eric Holsapple is a successful developer and entrepreneur with LC Real Estate Group in Loveland, Colorado, who has used mindfulness to transform his life and business, and he helps others to do the same.

Eric has a Ph.D. in economics, has been a real estate CEO and developer for nearly 40 years, has lectured in real estate at Colorado State University for 20 years, and has practiced Yoga and meditation for 30 years. He has a unique perspective on how merging business and mindfulness can be a catalyst for changing lives. Eric has won Entrepreneur of the Year awards from Colorado State University and BizWest magazine.

Eric is the founder of Living in the Gap, an organization that supports and guides heart-centered professionals and CEOs in reaching new heights through mindfulness tools. Their programs teach a new way to lead and succeed in business: one anchored in mindful presence, peace of mind, and gratitude, without sacrificing profits or performance.

Eric and his wife, Tracy, have three grown children, Ryan, Kaity, and Kohlton, who all have their own businesses. They summer in Maine, where Eric grew up, and enjoy spending time skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the winter.

Eric was recently featured in the Reporter-Herald Newspaper and BizWest Northern Colorado. 

BizWest Article about Eric
Reporter-Herald Article about Eric



“This book is one of the few books you’ll ever read that has the potential to profoundly and positively impact every aspect of your life. Life changing! I plan to gift it to everyone I care about.”

– Steve Wiley, author, speaker, and founder, The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg

“How do you make a difference, make a profit, and live a life of purpose? Dr. Eric Holsapple shows you the way in Profit with Presence. It’s a must-read guide for any leader.”

– Larry Kendall, author of Ninja Selling

“In Profit with Presence, Eric weaves together his vast leadership experience, extensive business knowledge, and years of dedicated mindfulness practice – providing readers with the motivating tools, clear vision, and strategic-planning tools necessary to thrive as a mindful leader. Read this book to begin enhancing your affluence, influence, and inner peace.”

– Larissa Hall Carlson, M.A. Mindfulness Studies, Ayurvedic yoga specialist, Ayurvedic practitioner

“A powerful and practical personal road map for those of us who are inspired to use business and business education for a better world.”

– Dr. Beth A. Walker, dean, College of Business, Colorado State University

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