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 Our comprehensive one-on-one mentorship program brings you an unparalleled opportunity to work closely with industry-leading experts who specialize in business, mindfulness, and personal and professional development. We have recently refined our program to offer you an even more impactful experience, tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.

Living in the Gap’s Mindful Leadership Mastery Program is a 9-month journey designed to teach heart-centered business professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs how to use mindfulness tools to support and guide their vision to reach new heights.

This program is specifically designed for professionals who:

  • Feel called to make a substantial impact in their personal, family, and professional lives.
  • Know they are just scratching the surface when it comes to reaching their true potential.
  • Want to explore new ways of being and doing to reach the next level.
  • Feel like they have so much to give the world but could use some guidance and support.
  • Want to make a difference in the world AND live an extraordinary life.
  • Have an interest in learning meditation, mindfulness techniques, and mindful movement and how they can provide a pathway to success and happiness.

The Mindful Leadership Program will teach you transformational methods for personal and professional development. You’ll explore soul-driven leadership that creates meaningful connections, community service as a way to give back, and entrepreneurship to allow you to generate resources and wealth to support your dreams. The practices we’ll teach you will train your mind to work on your behalf to break unhealthy habits. With practice, you can change the programming. You’ll become more productive, clear-minded, and focused, and you’ll accomplish more in less time.

During our time together, you will:

  • Create a vision for your life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.
  • Learn how to implement habits into your everyday life that support your goals and vision.
  • Take consistent steps toward realizing dreams beyond what you thought was possible.
  • Tap into Presence via mindfulness and meditation to reveal hidden blocks to your success.
  • Learn about your inner subpersonalities and how to work with them to reduce sabotaging behavior and allow you to spend more time in your zone of genius.
  • Create a detailed Personal Vision and Plan and learn to intentionally create your future.


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We offer customized programs in addition to the standard Professional and Nonprofit / Young Professional Levels. 



Dr. Eric Holsapple


Dr. Eric J. Holsapple, best selling author and business leader, has realized the value of mindfulness as not only a path to personal success, but as a sound business strategy.

Mindfulness can increase company productivity, reduce healthcare costs, and give businesses a competitive edge. It also creates an opportunity for far-reaching influence and impact. When shared within an organization, mindfulness produces a ripple effect that can not only transform company culture but also expand the happiness and well-being of its employees, their families and communities, and essentially the world.

In addition to providing leadership at Living in the Gap, Eric has been a successful developer, entrepreneur, CEO, university lecturer, yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, and philanthropist. He holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in economics.

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Amanda Pombar


Amanda has worked as a peer mentor for those living with mental health challenges, co-owned and operated a boutique gym, and worked as a life skills coordinator for moms and children from domestic violent homes. She is a certified Self Soul Spirit Facilitator by the Center of Creative Choice and a Nature-Connected guide through the Earth Based Institute located in Boulder, Colorado. 

Amanda enjoys being outside and has found it to be a way of working with people through transitions: divorce, becoming a new parent, dating, adulting, death and grief, and others. She facilitates awareness in her clients so they can live a Soul-directed life. 

Always choosing experiences to grow and learn led her to Living in the Gap and being certified as a mindful leader. She is a facilitator for the program and supports participants as they practice mindfulness, create a vision for their life, and take steps towards Soul-directed living.



(12) - Biweekly 60-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions: Meet the facilitators virtually and in-person for personalized sessions that may include: yoga & meditation instruction, education, assignments, and support. 

(16) - Weekly accountablity calls: Get support, be inspired, and share your progress with our Mindful Business Mentors. 

Time investment: Expect to spend 4-7 hours per week exploring mindfulness, attending meetings, reading and completing assignments. 

Volunteering: You’ll be invited to volunteer with a non-profit or community organization of your choice. Giving back is not only rewarding but enriching on so many levels! 

PHASE I: Discovery & Presence: You'll be guided though a discovery process that will uncover your hidden blocks to happiness and success. You will discover ways to reduce self sabotage and spend more time in your zone of genius while learning how to become more present in your life. 

PHASE II: Purpose & Visioning: We'll dive deep into Purpose and you will begin to create a vision for your life filled with purpose, joy and fulfillment. You'll take consistent steps toward realizing your dreams with an incredible support team. 

PHASE III: Launching - You will finalize your detailed Personal Vision and Plan for the future and learn how to intentionally create it! 

Think you don’t have time for a daily mindfulness practice?

Research has shown that people who meditate on a regular basis have access to more brain capacity thus making them more productive and capable of problem-solving. Meditation and mindfulness practices have been shown to reduce anxiety, improve stress response and sleep quality, increase energy, and reduce levels of depression.




CEO/EXECUTIVE LEVEL $10,000 - Includes 4 additional 1:1 sessions with Eric post-program. 

NONPROFITS & YOUNG PROFESSIONAL LEVEL 50% SCHOLARSHIPS ($3,750) Young professionals are considered emerging leaders under 30. Two spots available. Nonprofit option is available for those in a leadership position within a nonprofit. Two spots available. 


ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized programs fitting exactly where you are - schedule a consultation to learn more. 

* Financing is available. Tuition includes all meetings and intensives. Not included: travel, lodging, meals, books, subscriptions, incidental supplies, and equipment.  Bring a friend/colleague and you’ll each get 10% discount. 

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What some of our alumni have to say about the Mindful Leadership Program:



“Going through this 9-month program has been the single greatest, most impactful thing I’ve done for myself.”

– John Covert, Cushman & Walkefield

“I feel much more centered after this program and I plan on utilizing these tactics for the rest of my life”

– Anonymous 

“The most incredible spiritual journey that combines yoga, mindfulness, and leadership principles.”

– Chris Atib, Loveland Housing Authority

“The program changed my life in a way I never thought possible and didn’t even think I needed. I have built life-long connections and friendships from this program. The program has given me the tools to live a better life.”

– Nate Melchior, Dunton Commercial

“I now have the tools and mindset to accomplish my dreams”

– Zachary Sandquist, Credenzio Studios 

“I now live a purpose driven life with intention and habits that help me grow as a person”

– Mark Gomes, Key Bank

The Mindful Leadership Program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive in fully to a transformative experience, get out of your comfort zone and live an authentic life of purpose and possibility. 

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